Why Centurion?

Centurion may not be as well known in Europe as brands like Nautique, Malibu and Mastercraft but Centurion have been innovating in the towboat market since 1976.

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Why Centurion?

5 Reasons to choose a Centurion

1. ambitious, purposeful design - and relentless innovation that pushes towboat boundaries

Did you know that Centurion were the first towboat manufacturer to introduce a deep V hull? The first to introduce a V-drive engine back in 1986? Or the first to launch a wake sports designed boat in 1995 (despite what others may claim!)? Or the first to use carbon technology to make a truly light weight waterski boat in the Carbon Pro in 2011?

The Carbon Pro's carbon transfer construction and low-impact hull design have challenged traditional expectations with a light weight yet super-strong boat that delivers a soft wake at all speeds and consistent, solid drive - with lower fuel consumption. But it doesn't stop there. The gun sight helps drivers keep a straight line through the course and the observer-side ballast tank creates an even wake when there's only the driver on board. And, it may be a simple thing, but the sea-dek flooring makes the boat easier to keep clean and dry!

RAMFILL, CATS, the asymmetrical wing plate and Quick Surf Pro combine to deliver the most adjustable, superior wake for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. RAMFILL makes the ballast tanks part of the super strong construction and allows you to fill and empty ballast tanks fast - with no sacs and no pumps. CATS (Centurion Articulated Tracking System) gives you an adjustable fin that allows precision adjustment of the wake - which surfers love and which really comes into its own for wakeboarding. And new for 2017 the 'Silent stinger' wake plate reduces  both exhaust noise and wake turbulence.


2. dominant Performance  that enhances your enjoyment in the water and in the boat

We've already highlighted the exceptional performance of the Carbon Pro's hull design. At the other extreme, the Centurion deep V hull creates the biggest wakes without having to rely on overweighting the boat. Next time you're looking at the shape of another make of wakeboard or wakesurf boat hull have a look at how the V shape at the bow becomes flat by the time you get to the transom. Centurion's deep V hull extends from bow to transom to give optimal water displacement. Every strake, every shaping is designed with a performance purpose.

Boat weighting is an essential part of delivering the best rider experience. Centurion believe that every boat should be designed with sufficient factory ballast to deliver world class wakes without having to add after-market ballast. RAMFILL builds ballast low down in the boat where you need it most but it doesn't stop there. Even down to the tiniest detail, like creating rear liner lids on the FS range that are weighted differently to deliver an even wake and delivering a boat with less bow rise than others, it's all about creating the right weight to deliver the best performance. 

There are lots of small details in a Centurion that make life a little more pleasurable and a little easier. To help keep your boat clean and dry, Centurion come with sea-dek or snap out flooring, seats that are easily removable, a cool box that drains to the bilge, RAMFILL that dries out fully and ballast bags that empty completely (so no smelly water left festering in there) and light weight towable covers. Gas filler caps on both sides makes filling up at petrol station a lot easier. A full wraparound windscreen gives better visibility for the driver - and the overall hull design gives a rigidity that means your screen doesn't wobble at speed! And the patented side-by-side touch screen dash system puts control at the driver's fingertips and is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.


3. craftsmanship and Construction - delivers a strong, high quality boat

Centurion cut no corners when building their boats. It all starts with the mould and gelcoat - no other manufacturer rewaxes their moulds more often than Centurion and Centurion uses the best quality gelcoat to deliver the best possible finish and with maximum flex to last longer. The ICS (integrated composite system) and reverse shoebox construction create stong boats which deliver a smooth ride and reduce vibration and rattles by integrating the hull, deck, floor and RAMFILL ballast tanks into the core construction. This makes the weakest parts of most boats the strongest part of a Centurion - just check out the lack of flex in the Centurion bow walkway compared to others. Read more about Centurion construction. And it's not just about construction. Centurion consider its talented employees to be artists who put their years of skill, passion and enthusiasm to every boat.


4.Experience and commitment

Experience and commitment are part of Centurion's make up. With a dedication to creating the best customer experience, looking after its staff - many of whom have worked for Centurion for many years, its dealers, suppliers and partners, Centurion people care personally about your experience on and off the water. And that commitment is what we're all about at Progression Boats too - with years of experience in the towboat market and exceptional technical capability.


5. 5 year warranty and expert support

Centurion threw down the gauntlet to the towboat industry with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. And, of course, you get full backing and personal service from Progression Boats. We were the first PCM Premier Dealer in the UK and have years of experience in the inboard towboat manufacturer, backed of course by direct factory support from both Centurion and their partners such as PCM, PTM and Roswell.






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