Inland Surfer wakesurf boards

Keenan Pro Surf

Designed by reigning surf-style world champion, Keenan Flegel - multiple fin options make this the most versatile surf-style board for advanced and pro riders

4-skim Keenan Pro

Versatile 4'4" skim board for advanced to pro riders of 90 - 180lbs

Big boy

A 4'8" board designed for larger advanced to pro riders of over 200lbs or 5'10"



James Walker Pro

The original Ultra-lite board designed by James Walker - a sreious competition board for advanced to pro riders

4-Skim Sean Cummings Pro

One of the strongest, fastest boards with multiple fin options for beginner to pro level. 4'2" board for 50 - 170lbs weight range

4-Skim Caro Pro

At 4'2", the smallest pro 4-Skim board from Inland Surfer - perfect for ladies and groms looking to progress



Blue Lake V2

13 years of production & refinement makes the Blue Lake a true bestseller. Ideal for beginners and with pro-configuration for experienced riders

Red Rocket

In Inland Surfer classic. Designed for big guys up to 6'5" and 300+lbs and/or smaller waves



Wakesurf Boards from Progression Boats

We are the UK importers for Inland Surfer and Phase Five wakesurf boards. Between them, these 2 board manufacturers dominate the world wake surfing championships as they push innovation in design and performance in this growing sport.


About inland surfer

Inland Surfer offers a full line of wake surfing board for all skill levels and sizes of rider.

Inland Surfer was the very 1st epoxy wakesurf company in the world, and has been the leading independent manufacturer of wakesurfing boards since they started in 2001. They offer some of the finest boards available for use behind inboard boats.

Inland Surfer boards are designed and shaped by Jeff Page who has been involved in the water sports industry for over 40 years, and created Inland Surfer. As a pioneer in the wake surfing movement they are dedicated to constant innovation, cutting edge design and the highest quality for our boards. The company continues to improve wakesurfing standards by working with the local riders, pro riders, grass root events, water ski pro shops, boat dealers, and educating government organizations worldwide.

Inland Surfer and Centurion Boats have been working together for 10 years to promote understanding and innovation in wakesurfing.


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